Parent Volunteers


F.C.A is proud to have outstanding parent volunteers. Volunteering allows parents opportunities to get to know other parents and the staff, enhances existing programs, keeps tuition costs down, provides new programs, involves you in the school and shows your child your interest in their day.

While many parents exceed the minimum requirement, FCA parents are committed to donate 8 hours of volunteer time per school year. A volunteer log is kept in the school office where parents sign in each time they arrive to do volunteer work. This is documentation of your service.

FCA requires that all parents on site during school hours have a background check. This is required for parents attending field trips and working in the library, lunchroom, classroom, book fair, Harvest Fest, or attending special functions during the school day. This includes visiting your child for lunch. Applications for the process are available in the office.

Parents may also volunteer during the non-school hours or off site by working on Campbell’s Soup Labels, Box Tops, recycling, teacher projects, auction committee, Calypso Fest, Book Fair Night, The Panther Classic Golf Tournament or grounds maintenance.

FCA offers a PAC (Parent Advisory Committees) that plan activities, fundraisers, and special programs to enhance our school curriculum.

Foundation Father’s Fellowship is a group of dads dedicated to fostering meaningful relationships with their children. This group plans monthly social events for fathers and their children.

There are plenty of opportunities for your family to be involved at FCA and we look forward to working with you.