Pre-School F.A.Q.

Common Q & A

1.    What age does my child need to be to enter your preschool program?

3 years old on or before Sept 1 for 3k, 4 years old on or before Sept 1 for 4k or VPK.

2.    Do you offer a 2-year-old program?

We do not offer a 2-year-old program, but some years we offer a young 3’s program. This is for children that turn 3 on or before January 31 and are potty trained.

3.    What days of the week do 3 & 4 year olds attend your preschool?

We offer 3 day (Mon/Wed/Fri) and sometimes we also offer a 2-day (Tues/Thurs) options for 3k.We offer 3 day (Mon/Wed/Fri) and 5-day (Mon-Fri) options for 4k.

4.    What time does preschool begin and end each day?

All classes begin at 8:30. Both 3k classes dismiss at noon. 4k-5 day dismisses at 12:30. 4k-3 day dismisses at 2:30.

 5.    Do you have a program for after preschool hours?

We offer extended care until 6:00, although this is a very long day for preschoolers.

6.    What will the tuition rate be for my preschooler?

Please click on the tuition and fees link or call the school office.  You will receive a packet with this information on the tour.

7.    When is tuition due?

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and is late on the 5th.

8.    Is tuition due weekly, monthly, annually?

Tuition is due monthly, however we offer a 5% discount if you pay  the annual tuition prior to Aug 1.

9.    What other expenses will be involved in addition to tuition throughout the school year?

We sometimes have nominal fees to go on field trips or other special events. These are typically all under $5.  Purchasing items such as the school yearbook and school photos is optional.

10.     Will the children go on “out of school” field trips?

Yes, at least 2.

11.   Will the preschool provide snack or will this be the parent’s responsibility?

Students bring their own lunch boxes with  their own peanut-free snack and drink.

12.   How many students will be in my child’s classroom?

10-12. Small classes allow our teachers more time to work with the students individually.

13.   How many teachers will be in my child’s classroom?

One full time teacher and one floating assistant.

14.   What are the dates your preschool starts and ends?

Our school year runs from the end of August through the first week of June.

15.   Do you follow the same calendar as the public school system?

For the most part, yes. There are a few differences.

16.   How do you notify parents of last minute school closings due to inclement weather or other?

We generally close if Hillsborough County closes however to be certain, call our school answering machine or check the webpage or Facebook page.

17.   What are your policies about illness and keeping children home?

Keep children home for at least 24 hours after their last sign of illness.

18.   Is your preschool licensed?

19.   Are your teachers credentialed?

Yes. All preschool teachers have at least a CDA.

20.   You offer VPK, however I see there’s still tuition. Why?

VPK offers a 3-hour program. Prior to VPK’s existence, we were offering a longer day, which we felt necessary to accommodate the curriculum needs of our students. You are required to pay for the time beyond the hours paid for by VPK.

21.   Do you offer a 3 hour program?

Not at this time.  However, we are willing to open an afternoon 3 hour program with enough interest.

22.   Is there a waiting list?

Sometimes. The sooner you enroll the better. If you would like your child put on the waiting list, you must first pay the registration fee. If we do not offer the class, we will return your money.  If you notify us in writing that you have found another school or that you’ve changed your mind, we will refund your money. However, if we call you first to say we are offering the class, you will need to come immediately to pay the supply fee or forfeit your registration fee. In other words, if you change your mind, just call us before we open the class and you have nothing to lose.

23.   What is your teaching philosophy?

We believe children learn best through interactive play in both structured and non-structured opportunities.

24.   What is your discipline policy?

Of course, this always depends on the situation and the individual child but basically the students receive a gentle warning, then a firm reminder, and then moved away from the situation. However, preschoolers are often going to school for the first time and learning how to play with others and in this new environment. That’s why we do a LOT of  teaching about appropriate responses to various preschool and friend situations.

25.   Will you contact me if my child misbehaves?

Of course, if it’s a big or ongoing issue. However, we aren’t going to contact you every time your child forgets to share or sits in another child’s spot. We will take care of those little things; after all, they are here to learn about those social expectations.

26.   What type of curriculum do you follow?

We are a theme based school. We explore themes through literature, art, and music. We will give you copy of our themes when you tour. We also use Zoophonics.

27.   Do you have a daily schedule I can keep?

Schedules might change slightly from year to year, but we will give you a copy of all the things we do in a typical day. The teachers have their schedules posted in the classroom.

28.   In what way do you provide parent communication?

Your child will bring home a folder that you and the teacher should both check daily.  We e-mail monthly newsletters both from the teacher and the school.  E-mail is also a primary source of communication. You will receive weekly FCA e-mail reminders about upcoming events.  Photos and updates are often posted on our parent Facebook page.

29.   Will you be having parent/teacher conferences?

Yes, one in the fall and one in the spring is automatically scheduled, however you can request one as well.

30.   How do you feel about parents visiting in your classroom? 

Depending on the child and as long as it doesn’t interfere with the flow of our day, parents are welcome. A background check is required. We will share more about that on the tour.

31.   How do you feel about parents volunteering in your classroom?

As long as the background check is completed, parents are welcome.

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