Parent Advisory Committee

Foundation Christian Academy Parent Advisory Committees 


How can you best serve?  Are you an organizer or are you great at assisting where you are needed?  Do you like budget planning and fundraising?  Put your talents to work!  What are you passionate about?  Everyone has a favorite FCA event!  Is it the Breakfast with Santa, Calypso Fest, or the Book Fair?  What do you enjoy?  Reading to children in the library, making and playing games with our young children, or serving lunch with a smile?  Parent involvement is essential to the success of FCA and allows us to provide our children with opportunities to grow outside the regular classroom.  At Foundation Christian Academy, where parents and teachers work together to create a “village” for our children, we want every parent who desires to be active in the school to have that opportunity. Visit the PAC table at fall orientation to sign up for all committees in which you’d like to serve.  Please keep in mind that if you sign up, we are counting on your support.  Your name will be passed along to the chairperson of each committee.  If you would like to chair a committee, put a * beside your name when you sign up to help.


Teacher Appreciation – Margi Capps
This committee plans the Teacher Appreciation Lunch in the spring and other ways to let the teachers know how much they are appreciated.


Fall Festival -Jennifer Tauzier
Need lots of parent volunteers from grades preschool-4th grade and any other parents willing to assist.
In early November, we will host a child friendly festival with fall games for grades preschool through 3rd grade.  Our 4th graders like to assist.  The chairperson of the event generally starts planning about 5 weeks prior to the event by hosting a meeting with the committee to tell about the event, to promote it, and to purchase prizes.  We ask each of the primary classes to have parents organize a game for the event so that it isn’t too much responsibility on one person.


Breakfast with Santa
Need about 6 volunteers including a photographer.
In early December, students can arrive early to eat pastries and have their picture made with Santa.  The chairperson promotes and organizes the event.


Book Fair- Chairperson Maria Lynch
Need LOTS of volunteers from all grade levels.
We host a fall and a spring book fair in our school library.  This is a wonderful way to get to know parents, teachers, and other students in the school.  Parent volunteer, Maria Lynch has agreed to oversee the event and generally begins planning a month prior.  Other committee volunteers generally make themselves available for at least one day to work the event.


Middle School Social Event Planning- SGA & Rachel Swearingen
Need about 5 parents, each to plan 1 event for our middle schoolers.
M.S. social events, such as bowling day, Christmas party, ice skating, putt-putt, movie night, etc…. The parent organizer works with SGA and calls to get pricing information, gain approval and set up a date with school administration, promote the event with the students, and organize parent supervision at the event.


Foundation Fathers 
Need about 5 parents, each to plan 1 event for FCA dads and their children.
Social events for dads and kids, such as Dads Breakfast, canoeing, camping night at FCA, Ray’s Game, Dads vs Kids kickball game, etc….

The parent organizer calls to get pricing information, gain approval and set up a date with school administration, promote the event with the FCA fathers, and organize other details associated with the event.


High School Social Events- Becky Beggs
The ideas will generally be planned by the Student Government and administration.  However, these students may need some assistance and supervision with the details.


Fall Fundraising– Chairperson Tiffany Willis
This could be catalog sales or cookie dough sales or both, depending on the committee’s decision.  This committee needs a team of 3-5 volunteers.


Calypso Fest- Chairperson Stacy Prpich

Need at least one parent volunteer from each classroom to assist the teacher.  
This is a “spring fling” of sorts held outside on our school lawn.  Each class preschool through high school prepares a food booth or a game. 

Field Day- Pamela Cawley
This day takes place the last week of school and needs lots of volunteers to work with the PE teacher planning outdoor events.

Library- Chairperson Becca Aurich

Parents needed to read to the students on Wednesdays.  Need at least one parent to volunteer for each grade level.  You may volunteer to help every Wednesday or 1-2 days a month.
Lunchroom/ Panther Cafe- Chairperson Amy Nardin 
Parents needed to assist the children once a week or once a month.  Visit the Panther Cafe table for more information.
 *Each week the school newsletter, PANTHER POSTS, will highlight upcoming events in which parent volunteers are needed.  This is another way to get involved in the school and to meet other parents.