Academic Excellence

With low student/teacher ratios, students at Foundation Christian Academy are taught in a Christian learning environment using challenging and varied curriculum. Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Art, Physical Education, Library, Music, and Computer classes are taught to compliment a variety of learning styles. Advanced Placement (AP) and honors courses are available for middle and high school students.

Spiritual Growth

In addition to fostering intellectual, social, and physical development, F.C.A also nurtures spiritual growth. Foundation is preparing students to embrace life’s challenges and walk with the Lord. Our curriculum is centered on Biblical principles and moral values. With daily Bible lessons, weekly chapel assemblies, and continuing service opportunities, F.C.A. is committed to developing Christian character.

Social Development

Foundation Christian Academy offers students opportunities to participate in chorus, band, sports, drama, and a Christian social club. Social interaction among students establishes a firm foundation of support during these crucial years of development.