Uniform Policy


Students in Kindergarten through high school are required to wear uniforms each day. Uniforms are available at The

Golden Egg, Inc., located at 3625-B South Manhattan Ave. or on their web site: www.goldenegguniforms.com. Call 813- 839-7050 for more information on ordering. Telephone orders can be delivered to the school building for free.


*Light blue short-sleeve oxford shirt with school emblem *Belted khaki pants (black or brown belts)
*Undershirts must be plain white only

*Chapel shirt or pants
*School polo shirt with school emblem (must have FCA logo) – Color options for polo include navy, burgundy & white *Navy and white striped polo with school emblem (high school only)
*Khaki or navy pants or shorts (NO cargo style; MS and HS must wear black or brown belt)


*FCA signature plaid skirt (required for 6th– high school) or plaid jumper (required for K – 5th) – No shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
*White “peter pan” collar blouse with FCA embroidery (required for K – 5th grades)
*Light blue oxford shirt with school emblem (required for 6th – 8th grade)

*Tailored white shirt with school emblem (required for high school)
*Navy crisscross neck tie or navy girl’s tie (option for middle & high school only)


*Any Chapel option
*School polo shirt with school emblem (must have FCA logo) – Color options for polo include navy, burgundy, & white *Navy and white striped polo with school emblem (high school only)
*Khaki or navy pants or shorts (NO cargo style), jumpers, skirts, skorts – No shorter than 2 inches above the knee. *Hair accessories should be school plaid or one of the colors in the school uniform

*Students may not make alterations to school uniforms, spirit shirts, or any other FCA/FCHS apparel.


All shoes must be black, white, navy, tan, brown, or grey oxford. Simple two-tone options (but not patterns) in these color combinations will be acceptable. If it doubt, choose solid colors listed. Mary jane, ballet flat, boat shoe, tennis or athletic shoe styles are acceptable. Unacceptable uniform shoes include high heels, flip flops, Croc-style shoes, slides, skate shoes, and high-top shoes. For safety reasons, shoes must have a back or back strap. If you are unsure, go to the website for Payless, Children’s Place, or JCPenny and google “school uniform shoes” to view examples of appropriate options, however this description is very clear. Socks must be white, navy, or black. Girls are encouraged to wear knee socks on Chapel Day. Leggings or tights should be navy, white, or black and knee socks should be navy or white.

Middle School & High School P.E. Uniforms:

FCA/FCHS tee shirts and shorts are also available for PE. These are not part of the FCA/FCHS uniform but are required for middle and high school PE students. Please do not purchase these shirts unless you are in middle school or high school. Students will not be allowed to wear these as a school uniform. The PE shorts will be a part of the uniform for most of our 5th-8th grade sports teams. Sport tops may be ordered separately. Athletic socks and shoes are required for participation in middle school and high school physical education classes. PE uniforms are to be worn to all PE classes. Failure to comply will result in a lowered grade.


Uniform is optional. Preschool students should dress comfortably in clothing that is appropriate for activities such as painting, activity circles, and outdoor play. Shoes are required to have a back. Closed toe shoes are strongly recommended. Preschool students should dress casually, comfortably and in a manner consistent with Christian principles. Please discourage children from dressing in a “pop-style fashion”. We want children to look like children.

Uniform Expectations for Cold Weather

During cold weather students may only wear solid white, gray, or navy turtlenecks, windbreakers, or cardigan sweaters inside the buildings. Pull over sweatshirts are no longer allowed unless they are FCA logo shirts. Long sleeved polos, fleece, and sweatshirts with the school logo are available at The Golden Egg and may be worn. All FCA logo items are acceptable. No other outerwear may be worn inside. Non-FCA apparel must be plain and free from logos. Other colors of plain hoodies, coats, jackets, etc., may be kept in a student’s locker, cubby, or backpack and may be worn outside only. *Keep in mind that our outerwear policy will be changing to only FCA apparel once our school bookstore is ready to open.